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  • “Rob was a big help to Sherry my wife and I when we had some problems coming off a group health plan and transitioning into Medicare with a Medicare Supplement. Mr. Dooley explained the issues and the steps we needed to take to correct the problems we encountered. He also helped us select a Supplemental Plan to pay the cost Medicare does not pay. We were able to get a Spousal discount we didn't even know about. He was great expaining the differences between the newer Plan G and Plan F. Rob is patient, deadline sensitive and customer caring! We were very happy with the service he provided and would recommend him to anyone transitioning into Medicare for their Health Insurance.”

    Nate and Sherry Butler, Catonsville, MD
  • “Mr. Dooley was very knowledgable about the different plans and he helped me transition into Medicare with a Medicare Supplement when I turned 65. We plan to work with him again when my wife turns 65. I have recommended Mr. Dooley to several friends. He is a great medical insurance broker.”


    Joseph A. Mauriello, Jr
  • “When I met Rob I didn't know if I wanted to go with a Medicare Advantage Plan, which cost less, or with Medicare and a Medicare Supplement? Mr. Dooley did a good job in explaining the differences between the two programs in clear language. I decided, based upon that information, to go on Medicare with a Medicare Supplement form Aetna and Silver Scripts Part D plan. I was very happy with Mr. Dooley's assistance during the enrollment process and would recommend you take advantage of his expert knowledge to overcome the bumps in the road when transitioning to over 65 health insurance.”

    Roslyn Bartee
  • “My wife and I just moved to Ocean City Maryland to retire. Rob helped my wife who is under 65 and me who is over 65 transition off my group health plan to individual health plans. He was very price conscious and recommended the best plans for our retirement budget. He explained the different options in a way that was easy to understand. One of the best parts about the enrollment process was both Beverly and I were both able to enroll online through a “Join Me” meeting session that had Mr. Dooley completing the applications online for us in his office while we did not have to leave our home. We could see his computer screen and verify all the enrollment information was correct. This was much easier than having to have an insurance sales person come over the house and the process was quicker. We would both recommend Mr. Dooley and plan to use him to transfer Beverly over to a Medicare Supplement plan when she turns 65 years young in November.”

    Armand Fiorucci

Engaging. Interactive. Informative. Enjoyable.

Attend this workshop, and you won’t feel the need to attend any others.

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A few of the critical topics covered:

Medicare Enrollment

When do you need to enroll in Medicare? How do you enroll in Medicare? What does it cost? When does coverage begin?  Do I need both Part A and Part B? When do I enroll in a Drug Plan? When can I expect to receive my Medicare card?

Avoid Penalties

How to avoid expensive enrollment-period penalties

Understand Plans

The important differences between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements. Choosing the wrong plan could affect you for life. The workshop will cover in great detail, the two different types of Medicare health insurance, the Original Medicare program using Medicare Supplements or the Medicare Advantage program. What is a Medicare Supplement? The differences between Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N.

Prescription Plans

Understand Medicare Drug Plans and avoid penalties related to Part D Drug Plans.

Employment Issues

Do you need Medicare if you are still working or if you are covered under your spouse’s group plan?

Laws & Policy

How will the new laws affect you in the long run?

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